In Our Hands: a community-led documentary exploring HIV self testing

In Our Hands: a community led documentary exploring HIV self-testing in Malawi

Trailer: 5 minutes
Documentary: 25minutes

In Our Hands is a participatory media project that will explore the far-reaching and complex effects of HIV and HIV self-testing (HIVST) on communities. By using participatory video techniques, it will amplify the voices of those affected, and provide a platform for testimonies from health care workers, counsellors and researchers based in Malawi. Drawing on a preliminary field visit in February 2015, In Our Hands will provide an in-depth and personal illustration of the process of HIVST and its impact in the community.

In Our Hands will be an exciting collaboration bringing together the Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme, the Global Health Film initiative, and members of the Blantyre community living with HIV. The project will explore the acceptability of HIVST and linkage to care on diagnosis of a positive status and create debate and reflection around HIVST and diagnosis.

Working in collaboration with the HIV department at the World Health Organization, In Our Hands will engage both professionals and the wider public to facilitate and document discussion between local communities, health professionals, researchers and global policy makers.

The Team
Project Lead: Nicola Desmond
Technical lead for biomedical aspects of HIVST: Liz Corbett
Shooting director, participatory lead: Millie Harvey
Community engagement and workshop facilitator: Rodrick Sambakunsi
Participatory workshop facilitator: Wezzie Lora
Global health consultants: Joseph R Fitchett
HTC focal point & consultant: Cheryl Johnson

Credits (trailer)
Produced, directed and filmed by Millie Harvey
Global health consultant and production assistant: Elizabeth Fitchett
Edited by Silvia Biagioni
Production coordination and health consultants: Rodrick Sambakunsi, Wezzie Lora
Global health consultants: Joseph R Fitchett