An A-Z of Poverty | Freedom from Torture

An A-Z of Poverty

Freedom from Torture

20 minutes

Nine clients of Freedom from Torture, who have been through the UK's asylum system, perform their poetry about the challenges they have faced – and overcome.

Written and performed by clients from the Write to Life Group
Produced by Sheila Hayman
Co-directed by Millie Harvey & Sheila Hayman
Camera: Millie Harvey
Edit: Silvia Biagioni
Motion graphics: Eliane Lazzaris
Production assistant: Tilly Riley

An A-Z of Poverty has been widely used to support Freedom from Torture's advocacy work. On December 8th the film was screened at a Parliamentary reception celebrating Freedom from Torture's 30th anniversary. MPs from across the political spectrum congratulated the charity on its unique clinical and advocacy work with torture survivors

Freedom from Torture (previously known as The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture) is a British charity which provides therapeutic care for survivors of torture in the UK. Since it was established in 1985, over 52,000 people have been referred to the organisation for help.

"Torture brutalises and corrupts whole societies. Often done with impunity, it encourages continuing cycles of violence and lawlessness. Speaking out against torture is the only way to break this pattern." Kolbassia Haoussou